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What is Minecraft BisectHosting?

Definition Or Brief Overview Of Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft Server hosting is for players who want to play Minecraft on their server with friends. However, creating a Minecraft server is complicated. After hosting the Minecraft server on your PC, You can only play on the server with the IP of Localhost if the server is turned on. But to allow your friends to join your Minecraft Server, you need to “IP Forward” or “Port Forward.” Port forward allows your friends to connect to your PCs or the server’s network through their network. People use other hostings to host their servers because of the complexity of port forwarding. Minecraft hosting has two types of hosting you can choose from: 1. Free and 2. Paid. Free Hosting with good performance and reliability is hard to find because it often gets downtime. So, a good choice is to choose a paid plan.

Overview of the difference between free and paid hosting options

Most hostings, in the Minecraft server hosting industry are paid, but paid Hosting has reliability and more uptime than free Hosting. Free Hosting has different performance and facilities than paid plans, and finding good free Hosting takes a lot of work. So today, in this blog, we’ll discover three free Minecraft hosting with good performance and reviews.

Criteria For Selection

Key aspects to consider when choosing a server hosting provider

Choosing a good server hosting provider has many key factors and aspects. Here are some of the factors you should maintain before selecting the right hosting provider:

  1. Performance: A Minecraft server hosting should have a good CPU, RAM, and Storage. Performance is all about the plan you have. Whether it’s a free or paid plan, A paid plan will be better than a free one. A good CPU with 4 Cores and 6GB RAM will provide optimal performance. Usually, hosting providers give 1 Core CPU for free and 2 GB RAM or 3 GB. 1 core could be better and enough for a server with ten players. It’s only suitable for 3 – 4 players.
  2. Reliability: Minecraft server paid server hostings are reliable with a 99.9% Uptime 24/7 guarantee. But free server hostings sometimes discontinue and stop working or even get so many downtimes for their new updates. This is bad for players who want to make a good Minecraft server 24/7 online. 
  3. Security: Minecraft server hosting providers, like web hosting providers, have DDoS protection. DDoS Protection is used to encrypt server hosting data and keep it safe. And if your server gets DDoS attacks, the Hosting is unsafe. DDoS Protection is a must for a good server hosting provider.

Features of Minecraft BisectHosting

BisectHosting is one of the popular paid hosting solutions. With 9300+ of trust pilot reviews. They have lots of different features and the cheapest price for their plans. Here are some of the features

  1. World Wide or all locations: BisectHosting gives all locations premium hosting, as it supports Asia. To help people create servers from anywhere, this feature is beneficial and needed for all hostings.
  2. DDoS Protection: This DDoS protection helps all the players secure their data and put their servers in a safe place. This DDoS protection is also needed on free servers. Encrypting allserver’sver’s data to a safe place and preventing malicious attacks and unauthorized access attempts on servers.
  3. Reliability: BisectHosting has a 24/7 Uptime of 99.9% with zero downtime. This allows customers to use their servers 24/7 with a good experience. Because of its popularity right now, BisectHosting will not be discontinued.
  4. Pricing And Performance: BisectHosting has the best server performance. It offers Free DDoS Protection and Enterprise CPU’s XEON CPUs with 1v to 3.5v Cores. It costs $3 monthly per GB; look how cheap it is.

Setting Up Your Minecraft Server with BisectHosting

Choosing the Right Minecraft Server Software

Choosing the right Minecraft Server Software depends on the gameplay style you want to use on the Server. For example, you would need Spigot server software to create Bedwars, PVP, Spleef, etc. Paper is an alternative that comes with optimal performance. You can add plugins to your paper server to make amazing parkours, minigames, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot add Mods to your server because it’s paper software, and paper does not support Mods for Mods; you can choose a fabric or forge server.

  • Downloading and Installing the Server Software: To install any server software, search for the software’s name in Google, click the first link, visit the website, and look for the downloads page. There, download your Minecraft Server Version. Congrats And You have made it this far and installed your server software; Now you have to upload the custom jar file in your server panel’s file manager. Now the fun part is running it.

Server Running And Configuring

  1. Create Server & Run: Rename the jar file you installed, Put the name your hosting uses. To check this go to the settings tab of your panel and you will see the jar file name. And then rename the file as the name you saw. And then click on the run button in your panel. Now when your server starts it tells you to accept EULA and Make the EULA true. After accepting EULA and rerunning the server, your server will run, and you can join it through the IP in your panel. And your friends also can, now you can put any custom domains you want, for that you will have to buy.
  2. Configure Server Settings: After doing all of these, you can change your server properties. You can change how you want the server to run, for example. If you’re going to stop mob spawning, you can set the difficulty to peaceful, and to make Tlauncher or Cracked players join, Open the and find Online-mode, an easy way is to press cntrl + f and type Online-mode. And then you will have to put Online mode as false. But it’s unsafe for your server. You can even set the number of mobs you want to spawn in your server or even make yourself an operator or an admin of the server,

Enhancing Your Minecraft Experience with BisectHosting

Managing Player Permissions

To manage player permissions, you can use the Luckperms plugin. To set it up, there are many tutorials about creating ranks and managing player permissions. Other plugins also make it easy. Luckperms is not the only choice. You can choose any other mods, like better ranks, etc. It’s fantastic that you can even manage player permissions on your server. You must choose paper software or spigot purpur for these plugins. 

Monitoring Server Performance

Sparks is a plugin that can be used to determine your server performance. Allowing to see the CPU Usage and TPS (Ticks per second), TPS is how many ticks are ticked per second if all the mobs, players, and water are moving every tick, and if it’s 20, then the performance will be excellent. The max TPS is 20. With the max TPS, you can run your server and play it smoothly. And Ping or Network speed is also essential for smooth performance. The closest country the hosted is hosted on the low ping you get. The lower the ping, the higher the performance you get.

Testimonials And User Reviews

There are lots of testimonials and user reviews. Here are some of them

  1. Markus: I struggled installing a custom modpack for our server, and when asking the support for help, they were quick to help. The replies are quick, very professional, and the support ALWAYS has a solution for any problem you may face. Such a great experience
  2. Abbey Gall Meneses: At first I was hesitant regarding the price of the server. But for these past few days I’ve come to realize that it was worth it. I have tested several server hosting but Bisect Hosting is far the better than the others. This is only my experience don’t take word for it. Give it a try, I recommend it.
  3. Jade Butts: Honestly they were perfect about walking me through what I needed to do and what mods were messing with me. I totally appreciate their help so much

Pricing and Plans

The good thing about BisectHosting is that they provide 1 GB RAM for 3 dollars only Its premium starts from 8 dollars. And It’s monthly, if you pay 24 dollars you get 8 GB RAM which is honestly good. Because other hosting takes more money for 1 GB. And their performance is great, even if it’s a normal performance. SBisectHosting gives all locations for premium hosting, as it supports Asia. To help people create servers from anywhere, and this feature is beneficial and needed for all hosting. However, if you choose the 1 GB RAM Plan monthly it won’t have all locations like Southeast Asia locations. And It offers DDoS Protection (Distributed Denial-of-Service). This DDoS protection helps all the players secure their data and put their servers in a safe place. This DDoS protection is also needed on free servers. Encrypting all player’s server data to a safe place and preventing malicious attacks and unauthorized access attempts on servers. BisectHosting has a 24/7 Uptime of 99.9% with zero downtime. This allows customers to use their servers 24/7 with a good experience. Because of its popularity right now, BisectHosting will not be discontinued.


Summarizing the top hosting providers, both free and paid

In this blog, we’ve discovered the BisectHosting provider. But I would say this BisectHosting is good. It has good customer support. Low price, and High Quality Performance.

Encourage the readers to carefully evaluate their options and choose the hosting provider that best suits their needs and budget.

When choosing the right hosting provider, finding one that meets your needs and budget takes time. So here are some things you should consider before choosing the right hosting provider: 

  1. Server Requirements: Server Requirements are based on the server’s number of players. How much CPU will it need for that many players, And will the server be an RPG or a Modded Server? For 5 – 10 Players, you will need a 4GB RAM server with 2v Cores of CPU. For 10 – 20 players, you need an 8GB RAM server with 3V Cores; for 20 – 50, you will need a 12 GB RAM server with 3.5V Cores. And for 50 – 100, you will need a 16GB RAM server with 6v Cores. And modded takes so much RAM and CPU.
  2. Performance, Stability, and Uptime: Ensure the hosting provider has no stability, donation, or performance issues. Instead of a free plan, choose a paid plan with 4GB RAM from either BisectHosting or Wither Hosting/Shockbyte Hosting; it will be a good choice. Both have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so all paid server hosting providers have it. But they are certified because we also bought from them.
  3. Customer Support And Security: Consider that the server hosting has 24/7 Assistance support, with complete guidance or tutorials and FAQs. For security, a hosting server needs DDoS Protection. It’s a must for Hosting providers because you need DDoS to avoid DDoS Attacks, Malicious Attacks, and Unauthorized Access Attempts.

So, from these considerations, you will be able to choose the right decision that matches your needs, does not have any downtime, and has a 24/7 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

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