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Brief explanation of the importance of server hosting for Minecraft players

Minecraft Server hosting is for players who want to play Minecraft on their server with friends. However, creating a Minecraft server is complicated. After hosting the Minecraft server on your PC, You can only play on the server with the IP of Localhost if the server is turned on. But to allow your friends to join your Minecraft Server, you need to “IP Forward” or “Port Forward.” Port forward allows your friends to connect to your PCs or the server’s network through their network. People use other hostings to host their servers because of the complexity of port forwarding. Minecraft hosting has two types of hosting you can choose from: 1. Free and 2. Paid. Free Hosting with good performance and reliability is hard to find because it often gets downtime. So, a good choice is to choose a paid plan.

Overview of the difference between free and paid hosting options

Most hosting in the Minecraft server hosting industry is paid, but paid Hosting has reliability and more uptime than free Hosting. Free Hosting has different performance and facilities than paid plans, and finding good free Hosting takes a lot of work. So today, in this blog, we’ll discover three free Minecraft hosting with good performance and reviews.

Criteria for Selection:

Key aspects to consider when choosing a server hosting provider

Choosing a good server hosting provider has many key factors and aspects. Here are some of the factors you should maintain before selecting the right hosting provider:

  1. Performance: A Minecraft server hosting should have a good CPU, RAM, and Storage. Performance is all about the plan you have. Whether it’s a free or paid plan, A paid plan will be better than a free one. A good CPU with 4 Cores and 6GB RAM will provide optimal performance. Usually, hosting providers give 1 Core CPU for free and 2 GB RAM or 3 GB. 1 core could be better and enough for a server with ten players. It’s only suitable for 3 – 4 players.
  2. Reliability: Minecraft server paid server hostings are reliable with a 99.9% Uptime 24/7 guarantee. But free server hostings sometimes discontinue and stop working or even get so many downtimes for their new updates. This is bad for players who want to make a good Minecraft server 24/7 online. 
  3. Security: Minecraft server hosting providers, like web hosting providers, have DDoS protection. DDoS Protection is used to encrypt server hosting data and keep it safe. And if your server gets DDoS attacks, the Hosting is unsafe. DDoS Protection is a must for a good server hosting provider.

Top 2 Free Server Hosting Providers:


Features offered by ScalaCube

ScalaCube is one of the famous Minecraft Hosting tools, with various features that meet multiple needs. ScalaCube is known for its comprehensive range of features catering to different needs. Here are some of the critical features of ScalaCube Minecraft Hosting:

  1. Global Location: ScalaCube provides users with a massive and good global location facility. It allows users to create servers from anywhere. The closer the country or region it is to, the lower the latency and the smoother the experience.
  2. Wide Range of Hosting Plans: ScalaCube provides a good range for beginners. For players who are starting their first Minecraft Server from a hosting. Including Minecraft Hosting, Other Games Hosting, VPS Hosting, And many more.
  3. User-Friendly cPanel: ScalaCube has an excellent user-friendly cPanel for their customers. A panel for their customers to manage their Minecraft Hosting with ease. Like managing Server Files, Server Management, Database Management, and more.
  4. User reviews and ratings: ScalaCube has an excellent reputation in the Minecraft hosting industry. And has outstanding reviews and ratings. Some people like ScalaCube, and some don’t. Here are some ScalaCube Reviews:
  • Shaheem Saharudin: This is a great hosting website. It’s affordable and provides smooth gameplay for both modded and unmodded pets. It’s easy to use, and I’m delighted with my overall experience with this host.
  • Christopher Pereyra: I got a host from Scalacube to create a modded Minecraft server with mocouldn’t.ld. I couldn’t find the forge version I needed, so I contacted the support team. They contacted me in under 5 minutes after I sent a message. Their servers are great! I have no complaints;
  • Oscar Chen: I can play with my friends who also have Minecraft for a cheap price; being able to use plugins in this world is amazing, and it fits every version! Amazing!


Breakdown of features, pricing, and user reviews

Aternos is another popular free hosting app with many features. So here are some of the features MineFort gave:

  1. Performance Aternos: Performance is moderate, and they have a minimum of good CPU and Storage for the free plan. The RAM is about 2 GB, which is low but enough for 3-4 players. And Storage is 4GB, which is enough.
  2. Custom IP Domain: Aternos has a feature to change the domain name, such as your, which is a good feature for a free plan.

Comparison with other providers

Aternos is an average server with low performance. Suitable for people who want to start their first accessible Minecraft server and have the experience of the server. Still, I recommend buying hosting instead of free Hosting because it’s not supported long-term. Compared to other free hostings, Aternos is nothing compared to them, but it has no downtimes and a 99.9% guarantee of not getting discontinued. It doesn’t have any 24/7 Uptimes. The other free hosts are available 24/7 online and perform better, but other free hosting sites are mostly discontinued.

Top 3 Paid Server Hosting Providers:

Wither Hosting:

Explore the features of the Paid hosting plan

Wither Hosting is one of the popular paid hosting solutions. With 100+ of trust pilot reviews. They have lots of different features and the cheapest price for their plans. Here are some of the features

  1. World Wide or all locations: Wither Hosting gives all locations for premium hosting, as it supports Asia. To help people create servers from anywhere, and this feature is beneficial and needed for all hostings.
  2. DDoS Protection: This DDoS protection helps all the players secure their data and put their servers in a safe place. This DDoS protection is also needed on free servers. Encrypting all player’s server’s data to a safe place and preventing malicious attacks and unauthorized access attempts on servers.
  3. Reliability: Wither Hosting has a 24/7 Uptime of 99.9% with zero downtime. This allows customers to use their servers 24/7 with a good experience. Because of its popularity right now, Wither Hosting will not be discontinued.
  4. Pricing And Performance: Wither Hosting has the best server performance. It offers Free DDoS Protection and Enterprise CPU’s XEON CPUs with 2v and 4v Cores. It costs $1 monthly per GB; look how cheap it is.
  5. User feedback and experiences: Wither Hosting has a lot of user feedback and experience. Here are some of them: 
  • TortuguitaSMP: We are eternally grateful to decent60 for saving our sanity. The server even went out of its way (multiple times) to teach us helpful information about running a server (we don’t know how flags work ). We are so sorry for all the trouble we caused you at weird hours. TSMP’s favorite (along with Vijay, of course).
  • ArchiePlayz: A Wither Hosting Company staff member helped fix an issue where the player account would not exceed a specific number. The issue was resolved within two hours, and the response time was also good. Love you, Meng.

Apex Hosting:

Detailed examination of features and limitations

ApexHosting is a famous Minecraft server hosting company with so many features. So here are the Features explained: 

  1. Performance: ApexHosting’s performance is just incredible. They have a Ryzen 9 5900X just for servers. Also, they have so much storage space and RAM of 4 GB monthly, which is 11$ cheaper than possible, the lowest price they can add.
  2. Affordability: They have the lowest price, from $2.50 to $ 71.99. It’s a bit more expensive than Wither Hosting, but the features they offer are unique. They also provide DDoS protection, which is needed for security for all server owners.
  3. Uptime: The uptime is superb: 99.9% of the 24/7 guarantee. There are no downtimes, and there is no chance that their Hosting will discontinue. The best hosting service for this is 5.99 dollars.
  4. Security: They have DDoS Protection and Distribution Denial of Service for security. Their servers and data centers are compelling and can prevent malicious attacks, DDoS Attacks, and unauthorized access attempts on servers.
  5. User reviews and comparisons with other free hosting options: ApexHosting is another popular hosting with many Trustpilot reviews and an excellent reputation. Here are some reviews of Apex Hosting: 
  • Mr. Jake: Apex Hosting is fantastic! They offer exceptional service; this is my first time encountering an issue. Their customer support is impressive. They are a bit pricey, but it’s worth it!
  • Bat Tech: It was fast and easy to talk to support about a refund for my server. I’d 100% consider buying another server from Apex if I need one!
  • Mark Tardiff: There has never been an interruption to service, and live chat has always been there to help when I need it! I would always recommend Apex for any server hosting!


A Brief Overview of Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a famous Minecraft server hosting company with thousands of users. With 9300+ Reviews on Trustpilot, Shockbyte is seven times better than all the paid hostings we discussed. It is cheap, from $2.50 to $40 cheaper than Apex Hosting. 

Features and facilities of Shockbyte.

Shockbyte has all the features of a paid plan and the best performance. Here are some of the features it has:

  1. Security: DDoS Protection. They have DDoS Protection to encrypt server and user data and keep it safe, preventing malicious attacks, cyber-attacks, and unauthorized access attempts to servers.
  2. Performance: They have good CPU, RAM, and Storage for better performance. They have nearby data centers for low latency and ping. Shockbyte’s performance is 10/10. They have powerful hardware to ensure optimal server performance and satisfy their customers. 
  3. Server Management: They created an easily accessible cPanel for ease of use. The Design and construction of the cPanel are unique. I am also amazed at how they prioritize their customers.
  4. Customer Support 24/7: They have 24/7 customer support, 24/7 Assistance, and instant replying. They resolve customers’ issues and guide them. They also have FAQs to answer customers’ questions without answering all tickets and providing support.

Pros and Cons Comparison:

Compare the benefits and drawbacks of free vs. paid Hosting

If we compare free and paid plans, there are many differences in performance, server slot, RAM, CPU, Storage, Security, and Reliability. Apex Hosting takes more money than Shockbyte and Withers Hosting. ScalaCube doesn’t offer Papermc or other server jars, which is a terrible point.

Pros: Free And Paid Plan Advantage of ScalaCube

  • Worldwide, even for India and Asia locations, for free
  • DDoS Protection.
  • They are also paid but take less than Apex Hosting.
  • 50% off the first purchase of the first month.
  • Buy a paid domain and get a free MySQL database.

Cons: Only Free Plan Disadvantage of ScalaCube

  • No File managing access
  • Two-player slot in the free plan.
  • No other server jars for free plan (Vanilla Only).


Summarizing the top hosting providers, both free and paid

In this blog, we’ve discovered that the hosting providers we’ve found are good but have some problems they should fix to enhance the future experience of their users. However, Shockbyte and Wither Hosting are the ones whose Hosting doesn’t have any issues.

Encourage the readers to carefully evaluate their options and choose the hosting provider that best suits their needs and budget.

When choosing the right hosting provider, finding one that meets your needs and budget takes time. So here are some things you should consider before choosing the right hosting provider: 

  1. Server Requirements: Server Requirements are based on the server’s number of players. How much CPU will it need for that many players, And will the server be an RPG or a Modded Server? For 5 – 10 Players, you will need a 4GB RAM server with 2v Cores of CPU. For 10 – 20 players, you need an 8GB RAM server with 3V Cores; for 20 – 50, you will need a 12 GB RAM server with 3.5V Cores. And for 50 – 100, you will need a 16GB RAM server with 6v Cores. And modded takes so much RAM and CPU.
  2. Performance, Stability, and Uptime: Ensure the hosting provider has no stability, donation, or performance issues. Instead of a free plan, choose a paid plan with 4GB RAM from either Wither Hosting or Shockbyte; it will be a good choice. Both have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so all paid server hosting providers have it. But they are certified because we also bought from them.
  3. Customer Support And Security: Consider that the server hosting has 24/7 Assistance support, with complete guidance or tutorials and FAQs. For security, a hosting server needs DDoS Protection. It’s a must for Hosting providers because you need DDoS to avoid DDoS Attacks, Malicious Attacks, and Unauthorized Access Attempts.

So, from these considerations, you will choose the right decision that matches your needs, does not have any downtime, and has a 24/7 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

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