Why is Namecheap Such a Great Choice

Why is Namecheap Such a Great Choice?

Namecheap has been an industry leader for years, but many consumers don’t even know why it’s such a great choice. If you need to register domains, get inexpensive hosting, or buy SSL certificates, Namecheap is your best bet. There is a service that meets your needs, at a price that fits your budget, and with great customer service. Namecheap is always there for you. You can get your own website for very cheap at Namecheap, which is a good thing.

What is NameCheap?

Namecheap offers more than just domain names. The company also provides email hosting, SSL certificates, and shared web hosting. The latter allows you to host a website and your domain with one company, offering you convenience and savings in terms of cost. Website builders are also available through NameCheap, allowing you to create and launch your website without any technical know-how. Unlike other services that host thousands of different domains, NameCheap specializes in domain registrations—and it shows in their stellar customer service. Suppose you ever have an issue with your site or need help using one of their services. In that case, they’re always available via live chat or phone (24/7), unlike competitors that only offer sporadic support hours during specific times of the day.

Company Overview

The company NameCheap Inc. has been in business since 2000 and offers domain names, email addresses, and web hosting services to businesses of all sizes. Their online prices are affordable so that individuals can also benefit from their services without making a significant investment upfront. Customers get tons of features with each purchase at NameCheap and access technical support by phone or chat 24/7. NameCheap uses extraordinary security measures for each new client. Still, it’s also not difficult for you to find their number if you need help resetting your password or reinstalling software immediately!

Namecheap services

If you want to buy a domain name, Namecheap Inc. is a good place to start. They have been in business since 2000 and have more than 5 million domain names under their control. The company has everything from domain name registration to DNS hosting, SSL certificates, and email services, so you can get everything you need. People who run websites can choose from business plans that come with a lot of features that make things easier for them, like email and backup solutions, disk space, and more. As a new or existing business owner, you can save money with plans starting at $7 a month and no long-term commitments. With flexible schedules that cover all your needs, you can save money.

Namecheap inc

Years after it started, it’s become clear that domain name registrar Namecheap Inc. (whoops, it appears they go by just Namecheap now) has made some good decisions—like steering clear of geographic and industry competitors. So what makes Namecheap so great anyway? To put it simply: they have solid pricing on every aspect of web hosting.

Namecheap store

Domain registrars like NameCheap store, breathe, and host their domains and serve as your first point of contact with your customers. If they do their job right, most users will never notice they exist. However, should you ever need them or have questions about how to host your website, they are right there to help out and provide assistance. Most importantly, when things go wrong for no reason whatsoever – say you forget to renew a domain – these guys will pick up the slack until you can get it sorted out. In my experience, at least, that’s some next-level customer service! The people behind the NameCheap store probably don’t want me to reveal their names here, but suffice it, they run a great business.

Domain Pricing

Most people do not think about domain names as part of starting their business, but they should. Purchasing your company name as a domain will only set you back to less than $10, which means you could have it forever. Compared to buying and building a website, having your name available for visitors can be much more convenient. In addition to being an extra step in your starting process, buying your name as a domain will save you money and effort when marketing and growing your business. Just make sure that whatever URL you choose has nothing offensive or illegal. If one of those issues arises, though, many sites offer domains for sale.

Web Hosting Pricing

How much do they charge per month? Generally, expect to pay anywhere from $5-$25/month for essential hosting services, while more advanced web hosting packages (such as cloud hosting) will cost anywhere from $30-$150/month. But be sure to compare and read reviews before making your decision. When choosing a web host, there are many other considerations, including server response time, bandwidth availability, uptime guarantees, domain name availability, and security protocols. You’ll also want to look at companies’ customer service reputations if you need help or have problems with your account. Use reputable review sites such as CNET or The Next Web for recommendations—and always read online reviews before signing up for an account!

Support Quality

Most web hosting companies focus on bang-for-your-buck hosting solutions. They give you as much space and bandwidth as possible, and then they tack on a premium to make up for it. That’s not how Namecheap works, though. Namecheap provides top-notch support at rock-bottom prices. They also offer an easy-to-use interface, 24/7 support via live chat, and daily backups to sleep well at night knowing that your website will be around if something goes wrong. We think they deserve your business because they offer great value without sacrificing quality; their award-winning customer service teams won’t let you down!


There are many benefits to using NameCheap inc. Their web hosting services come with many features that allow you to manage your site efficiently. Who can also back up the information? If anything were to happen to your account, it would be simple for them to fix and recover. As a result, because they have servers in different parts of the world, you can see your site’s pages load quickly. They also take care of the server so that you don’t have to worry about any big changes or updates to your site. The less time your site or business is down, the more time you can spend working on it. In addition, they provide SSL certificates to keep sensitive data from being exposed to public computers or networks.


Make sure you choose a web host that has good customer service no matter what you do. There are a lot of technical things to consider when you’re choosing which company to work with. But don’t forget that your website lives and dies by how easy it is to use, and how long it stays online. For example, while comparing features and costs, seek firms that clearly state their anti-abuse and anti-spam policies.

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This section should cover any frequently asked questions and give answers to them. You can also include information about how people can contact you with any other inquiries they may have, including a link to your email address and phone number. This is also an opportunity for you to add testimonials and thank people who have helped with your business. It’s just as important to acknowledge where you’ve come from as it is where you’re going!

1) How does your company choose a new domain name for registration?

When you register a domain name with Namecheap, we’ll first try to match it up with an available domain extension that you want.

2) Who owns Namecheap Inc?

The principal owners of Namecheap are as follows: Vladimir [lead founder] and Daniel [current CEO]. The remaining employees make up less than 5% of the ownership.

3) What about the personal information I provide when I register my domain names with you?

All personal information we collect from you is kept strictly confidential. You may request that we delete your personal information at any time by sending an email to support [at] NameCheap [dot] com.

4) Does your module have multi-language support?

Thanks to our superior language customization platform, you can translate your Drupal module into many languages. While we currently support more than 70 different languages on our website, that doesn’t mean we’re limiting you to those! We can customize your software for every language in existence. So if your customers are worldwide and speak something other than English (or Spanish or Chinese), we can help with that.

5) Is Namecheap a US company?

One of Namecheap’s most significant advantages is that it’s based in America, meaning that your information is protected by American law. This is especially beneficial if you have concerns about privacy or government regulation.

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