The Ins and Outs of Appsumo: A Comprehensive Guide

Appsumo is one of the few software products in the world that you can use to effectively manage and grow your email list and your social media marketing efforts on autopilot. Thousands of marketers also use it to sell products directly to their audience using an automation-based sales funnel, but how does it work? What are its strengths and weaknesses compared to other similar tools? Read on to learn more about appsumo in this comprehensive guide.

What is Appsumo?

AppSumo is a deal site that provides deep discounts on digital products. These deals usually run for a limited time, so you’ll want to sign up for the Deals newsletter, so you’re notified when the next promotion begins. To subscribe, go to the Deals page, scroll down to the footer and enter your email address in the field next to I would like weekly notifications. A link will be included in your email when an offer goes live. This way, you’ll never miss out on another app or product! It’s easy to log in with Facebook if you prefer not to give away your email address online. The first thing I noticed about this website was that it provided different types of deals than other sites I’ve visited.

How does it Work?

Appsumo is a service where customers can buy an annual membership with a 25% discount on any products listed on the Appsumo Marketplace. After signing up, the customer chooses a membership plan – 1 month, three months, or 12 months – and their discounted price is based on their desired membership length. After selecting your time frame, you create an account by providing your email address, zip code, and password. If you have previously shopped at Appsumo before or if you are linking an account to Facebook (yes, you can do this!), this will all be fairly seamless.

How do I get my AppSumo Discount Code?

Appsumo is a shopping website where consumers can buy discounted deals from various brands. Customers can use their appsumo discount code to unlock prices lower than the original retail price, with extra savings based on how much they buy in each transaction.

What Will I Learn by Joining?

To register for an account, you will need to have a valid email address and input your credit card information on the next page for billing purposes. After you log in, you’ll be brought to your dashboard, where you can take advantage of all the awesome appsumo deals that are available to members.

My Results After 3 Months

For the first three months, I’ve been a member of Appsumo. There have been some highs and lows that I have experienced. I am glad to say that with the insights from this post, hopefully, you can avoid many pitfalls that one can run into while using Appsumo.

First off, when browsing through the site, one thing you may notice is that they use hashtags (#) to give a brief description of each deal, with popular hashtags like #free and #deal often used to catch your attention. ##A few warnings are in order for those who may not be aware of this trick. If you click on these hashtags too many times, you will start getting more ads from them as well as notifications when there are new deals matching your interests.

How Much Does It Cost?

Appsumo is a platform that has great deals on software. All the major product companies offer their products at discounted prices here, so you can choose what’s best for your business without breaking the bank. You can sign up for the site with your email address and password, but there is a $0.99 monthly fee to maintain access to all the deals.

If you are looking for more information about Appsumo pricing, visit their website or contact customer service through phone or email.

What are other sites like AppSumo?

With the number of websites that offer coupon codes increasing by the day, you’re likely to find a website for anything you want. Of course, some sites are better than others. Sites like AppSumo not only offer discounts but provide an educational service as well. It can be confusing to find which sites offer what you need. The below overview will help with your search process!

AppSumo is designed to save customers money when they buy physical or digital products while simultaneously providing them with education on how to make smarter purchasing decisions in the future. This can be good for people who are unfamiliar with this new market world we live in!

Best Alternative for AppSumo

Downloadable Appsumo discount code lists & Deals will help you keep up to date with the latest discounts on all their available software. There are always new apps coming out, which makes it difficult to find deals, but with this, you’ll always be one step ahead. If you’re interested in finding out how to access Appsumo login, then please head over here. The best alternative is given below:

  1. DealMirror
  2. Stacksocial
  3. Pinch ground
  4. Dealify
  5. Saaspirate


appsumo deals

DealMirror is a subscription-based service which alerts users to new deals for appsumo. Deals are constantly being offered, so it’s important to stay on top of what’s available. When you subscribe, DealMirror sends an email containing each day’s app deals that have been recently added to the site. Customers can also sign up for notification services through RSS feeds or a personalized alert list. It is free for customers to view current offers; however, there is a $4 per month charge for notification services. If subscribers are interested in multiple product types, they can register with both Appsumo and DealMirror, which will result in daily notifications pertaining to both app sales platforms.

2. Stacksocial

appsumo deals

Stacksocial offers 500 deal vouchers in exchange for your email address. You’re not allowed to preview the deals before you buy them. Once you’ve paid, the company sends your vouchers to you by email. Stacksocial is a great place to find cheap apps, music, ebooks, and games from some of today’s most popular companies.

3. Pitchground


Pinch ground is an online marketplace that connects brand influencers with companies looking to sponsor their products. We have built a system that creates more visibility for these influences in hopes that brands can connect more with their desired audience through them. The Platform Features include Customizable Campaign Requests, Valuable Media Content, a Commission Back Guarantee, and Exclusive Deals for Influencers.

With all the hassle out there today, it is easy to get lost in all the noise – so many different tools are being offered. Let’s break it down!

4. Dealify

appsumo deals

Think of Dealsify as the matchmaker between you and your perfect deal. It can take a little time to find what you’re looking for, but Dealsify is always happy to help you through the process with its friendly support team. All it takes is a few minutes on their website to upload your logo, colours, theme, categories and more. Add in some products from your industry that you know work well for clients just like you; plug in the brand name and specific items that are popular among customers in that category. And finally, customize a catchy description complete with images! Your Deals profile is now good to go!

5. SaaS Pirate

We are the marketplace where small businesses find IT products, insights and people to optimize the way they work. Get software with huge discounts up to 90% off without paying any monthly license fee. Our best appsumo deal is SaaS Pirate, which lets you host a customized event on November 2nd. So your team can book online while saving $1000s.

 Key takeaway What we think sets us apart from other sites is that Appsumo provides innovative discounts at levels higher than 60%. Not only do we offer exciting weekly deals with discounted prices on best-in-class technology, but we also provide insight into the companies that stand behind these offers through articles written by our knowledgeable content creators.

Where do they Provide Support?

A Team Member provides Support via chat, email, and phone. If you ever need assistance while using Appsumo or need advice on how to start your project, we can help! We strive to be readily available at any time during the day so that we may promptly answer any questions that you might have. Rest assured, knowing that there is always someone around to take care of any problems that might arise.

Team Members provide Support Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm EST (UTC+5). Weekend coverage is unavailable unless otherwise specified by the customer in advance. The company cannot offer 24/7 support for a variety of reasons. For example, there are always days when our Support Team Member is off work due to illness or vacation.

Appsumo Conclusion

Appsumo is a great way to try new software, get free products from some of the best brands in tech, and discover valuable apps for your business.

Want to give it a shot? It’s easy! All you need is an email address to sign up for your account. Once you’ve verified your email, enter the keywords and enter the promo code into the search bar. You’ll find a promo code below that has been designed for our readers here at Appsumo who want to give it a go. Use this code when entering your payment information during checkout, and you’ll save 25% on any purchase!

Start off by grabbing yourself some amazing deals on pre-made gift cards or individual purchases before they’re gone–all with the perk of saving money.

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